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Pre-orders for Ohno Satoshi's [FREESTLE 2] in Osaka art exhibition goods

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*Preorder dateline: 13 March 2016
*Estimated arrival: Second week of April

Email to: satovan96@gmail.com
Please place your orders using the following format:

Payment method:
Collection method:
Items: (Eg. T-shirt x1, Shopping Bag x1)

-Bank transfer (Acc no. will be given when order is confirmed)

-Paypal (International buyers) - Paypal fees to be borne by buyer

-Mail (Normal / Registered [recommended]) *Not included in prices stated

-Meet up (To be confirmed at a later date) [My prefered way of collection]
-Registered Air Mail (International buyers)* Not included in prices stated

*For further enquires, I can be contacted through the email address as stated above as well! You can also comment on this post, all comments will be screened.

*All prices are inclusive of shipping from Japan to Singapore
Prices in SGD($)

T-shirt (Regular size//Black)-$45

Measurements:Shirt Length 66cm、Chest Length 48cm、Shoulder Length 43cm、Sleeve Length 19cm

T-shirt (Slim fit//White)-$45
Measurements:Shirt Length 61cm、Chest Length 43cm、Shoulder Length 36cm、Sleeve Length 13cm

Canvas Art Clock (Only taking orders for 2 clocks)-$80
Measurements : 38.3cm x 29.5cm x 1.8cm

Glass Cup [ Type B, Type 1, Type 2]-$32

Volume : 300ml

Measurements : H8.6cm x W7.8cm

Post Card Set (Osaka version)-$25

10 pieces per set

Figurine [Type 1, Type 2]-$22

Type 1
Measurements:4.6cm x 10cm x 5cm

Type 2
Measurements: 5.3cm x 5.3cm x 4.6cm

Can Badge Set-$16

Shopping Bag-$24
Measurements:44cm x 55cm x 14cm

5 Year Dairy (Only taking orders for 5 dairies)-$30
Measurements: 18cm x 11.7cm x 2.2cm

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Pre-orders for Arashi's [THE DIGITALIAN] concert tour goods (TOKYO)

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*Preorder dateline: 15 December 2014
*Estimated arrival: First week of January

Email to: satovan96@gmail.com
Please place your orders using the following format:

Payment method:
Collection method:
Items: (Eg. T-shirt x1, Shopping Bag x1)

Payment: Bank transfer (Acc no. will be given when order is confirmed)
Paypal (International buyers) - Paypal fees to be borne by buyer

Collection: Mail (Normal / Registered [recommended]) *Not included in prices stated
 Meet up (To be confirmed at a later date) [My prefered way of collection]
 Registered Air Mail (International buyers)* Not included in prices stated

*For further enquires, I can be contacted through the email address as stated above as well! You can also comment on this post, all comments will be screened.

Prices in SGD($)


Poster[Group,Ohno,Sakurai,Aiba,Matsumoto,Ninomiya] (6 types) -  $16

Clear File[Group,Ohno,Sakurai,Aiba,Matsumoto,Ninomiya] (6 types)- $12

*Photo Set [Group,Ohno,Sakurai,Aiba,Matsumoto,Ninomiya] (6 types)- $13

Fan Light- $36

Shopping bag $30


Face towel $26

Pouch $16

USB memory $36

Rolling stamp $15

Sticker [Ohno,Sakurai,Aiba,Matsumoto,Ninomiya] (5 types)-$8

Medal Brooch [Tokyo Only] $11

Kids line
Mini uchiwa [Group,Ohno,Sakurai,Aiba,Matsumoto,Ninomiya] (6 types)-$8

Reflector $11

Arashi at national stadium photo book[*Limited to 5 orders] -$65

* [Who’s photoset->Taken by]

Aiba-> Ohno
Nino-> Jun
Ohno-> Sho
Sho-> Nino

*In view of the recent scams going on around here, rest assured that I am not a scammer, most people know me as "Satovan" on twitter and instagram (You can go stalk me if you are still not sure keke /hides/).
Most of you are also wondering why am I charging such low prices well, I myself as a fangirl fully understand the pain of paying rocket high prices and since I am taking a little trip to Tokyo, why not help my fellow fangirls here as well! :)

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Back from Japan

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The past two weeks were wonderful, the most fun I've had since... Forever.

I miss everything that there is in Japan that I've seen and experienced. I currently feel as if a part of me is missing. Where is the noise that I've been hearing for the past 2 weeks? Where are the other 7? I miss them so bad :( I cried so much when I left Japan. Being there just made me feel at home, I honestly did not want to come back to Singapore at all. I miss J, I miss Venna,Mango,Shuenko,Crisis,Mama& PeiShi :( I miss all the days that we've spent together in Japan , all the fun we've had , our drunk night modes, our trips to the konbini late in the night , supper at the lobby , morning calls...etc I really wanna go back. It's already day 4 and I'm still not the slightest bit over my Post Japan depression, I currently feel really lost. I really think my soul is in Japan and I am only physically back in Singapore, sigh.

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mood: sad sad

Secondary school has finally ended for me.Just Olevels left to conquer.I really am afraid.WHAT IF I NEED TO STAY BACK ANOTHER YEAR??? This thought has been on my mind for a really long time.I'm so scared to a point that I'm terrified.SIGH. Been studying non-stop since last thursday till I finally took a break yesterday.Studying is draining!!!!

So like yesterday was the last day of school,Brought my DSLR & Polaroid to school.Im amused at the number of DSLRs that my class has HAHAHAHAHA and Polaroid Cameras HAHAHA,SO MANY HAHAHA OTL. Had some lessons and then the JAE briefing thing. It's like the school is sending us off and we're all left on our own now.

Ok, Now on to the main point of this post,My class's last birthday celebration together :( I arrived late.Was so pissed off at myself cuz Ms Vino had prepared a speech and I wasnt there.URGHHH WHY VAN!WHYY!!!! But she gave all of us letters.That made me break down.I told myself that I was NOT! going to cry on the last day of school!!!:( What did I do? I cried as if the world was ending. Ms Vino is one form teacher that I will never forget. She has done do much for us.Be it the little gifts that she gets for us,her encouraging words,I really appreciate all that she's done.She is making it even more difficult than it already is,Leaving my friends,leaving 4D'12.

She gave everyone of us carebears too,made her write her name at the back of the bear!:) And she bought macaroons from Bakerzin for us too! :) Where can I ever find a form teacher who loves us so much ever again?? ;A;

I had to hug Ms Vino!!! For all the things that she did for us this year.So glad that I did!:)

Aftert that,I had tuition,went to have steamboat buffet for dinner with Yamin after that !:)

With the best form teacher,EVER!<3

Planking on the teacher'ss table with Yamin and Gloria.You see why we're friends now?HAHAHA

Ok,thats it for now :) Till then~

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(no subject)

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mood: happy happy

(Typed this right after Venna alighted at her stop,I got so emotional I was ready to cry on the train HAHAHA)
Jamie left for Japan today... Her leaving for Japan made me suddenly realize how fast time has past this year.How fast my Olevel's are approaching,How fast we're finally going to Japan and how fast the year is finally coming to an end.

And not meeting up with AWAVE for so long has made me realize how much I miss them ,how wonderful they are and how blessed am I to have them as my friends,to be in the same clique with them :) These one and a half days  have been the most fun I've had since... Forever :) I mean I do have fun with my school mates too :) and I love them a whole lot too but I think AWAVE has this extra connection with each other because of Arashi!:) <3

And talking with Venna on the train on the way home has made me realize how fucking much I miss AWAVE :( I really can't wait for the holidays again :) Spending time with AWAVE always feels as if it's the holidays!:) meeting up with them again has also helped me become more motivated for my O's!:)  And it's really rare that I get so emotional in the evening 0_0 HAHAHAH, but YAYYY DECEMBER!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Finally to see J again!XDD <333 MUMMY AGREED TO LET ME GO!
AWAVE!I LOVE YOU!!!!!!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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mood: happy happy
music: エナジーソング~絶好調超!!!!~

It's your time of the year again!Have a good one this year too!
Thank you for coming into my life :)
No words can express how much I love you and how grateful I am that you came into my life.

PS:Posting this early as I will be out the whole day tmr celebrating his birthday!:)

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mood: cheerful cheerful
music: Himitsu-Ninomiya Kazunari

WHEEEEE So I just started my 2 months worth of holidays this week
Had work yesterday~I totally forgot that I was even paid to do my job it was THAT fun! Toured this group of 7 Japanese students around!:)

(Ignore me,I look bloody fugly omg)
I didnt really go remember their names though:/ I remember this guy named Shinya and another girl named Mayuu,another girl Satomi?HAHAHHAA /FAIL

I brought them to Little India to do Henna,HAHA I got a free one for bringing them around!XD
Back to orchard after that,they did their shopping I just followed them and helped them whenever I could~
We were supposed to reach their hotel lobby by 4PM! We were only at ION by 4PM,I made them run! #*w*#
HAHA,We took this photo and I left w/ Kristy,Atiqah and Venna!:)
The Japanses students were all 17y/o! They were so shocked when I told them that I was only 14+!LOL
they were like "MAJIDE?!" LOL they asked for what sport's did I play,said Tennis,Asked if I had a Boyfriend...obviously not,WAITTTTT I HAVE ONE IN JAPAN! HAHAHAHA COUGHOHNOSATOSHICOUGH LOL
HAHA But they were damn cute!XD One of the guys wanted RamenRice for lunch 0____0
Went home after dinner~
ok,This post is just some filler LOL
Will blog about more things the next time!XD ARAOKE TMR~~~YAYY!XD

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mood: cheerful cheerful

HEHE.Two posts in just 2 days which is not usually what I do...I'm just bored.MEHHHH
There's school tmr which I really can't be bothered with as there will be all that stupid National Day celebrations.I am planning to bring my pillow.
But i'm eggcited for what's gonna happen after school tmr!XD Going out with the whole bunch of my good friends!XDD Then I'm gonna go collect my concert goods!8DD My hairtie,T-shirt and bag!XDD
But anyway,mah twitter fangirl buddies have changed the date to watch GANTZ PERFECT ANSWER A day before or is it after Jun's BD?HAHAH BUT ANYWAY,CAN'T WAIT!8DD I really can't wait for next next week's NatsuMatsuri and shopping with Kristy,Venna and Yuri!XD LOL
Currently craving for AKB48's Curry Omu rice now~It's heaven.Their Kakigoori too~
I hate Venna,She bought a ice-shaver ytd!!SHE CAN HAVE ALL THE KAKIGOORI SHE WANTS ANYTIMEEE OMG.She better stock up her freezer with ice when i'm at her house next next sat!XDD HAHAHA CAN'T WAIT !8DD

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Hey yo~

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mood: content content
music: Arashi-Always

I rarely do update here now.School work is really piling up :/
Just finished my CA2 this friday!XDD The papers were ok i guess~
I dont really have anything to type :/
I just can't wait till NatsuMatsuri!!XDD Going with Kristy,Cheryl,Venna,WanXin and Siaoshuen Beatrice is lending me her purple Yukata!!!XDD WHOOTS!Going to Venna's house at 7am to do something,HAHAH DAMN EARLY!Lending her my pink yukata~HEHEHE I'm definitely gonna do a post on NatsuMatsuri!XDD The day before,gonna watch GANTZ PERFECT ANSWER I guess,with #under16 ++ LOL And the day after NatsuMatsuri,I'm going out with Kristy and Venna again with Yuri!XDD OK,CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT NEXT WEEK!!!XDD
KK,gonna have dinner now~BYEBYE~

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mood: calm calm
music: 嵐ー遠くまで


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